Welcome to JobSeeker 2 JobSeeker! ?>

Welcome to JobSeeker 2 JobSeeker!

Hey, welcome to JobSeeker 2 JobSeeker! There might be a few reasons why you’re here and I’d like to guess them.

  • You’re looking for a job and you would like some tips
  • You’re actively looking for a job and you haven’t had much luck so far
  • You’re not actively looking for a job but recently you’ve been thinking about a career change
  • You’re scared about the idea of going back out there after all these years in the same company
  • You would like to read about the experience of somebody like you: a job seeker
  • You’re just curious – by the way, this is a very good attitude: keep being curious!

Am I right? Did I miss anything? If you ticked at least one of the above you’re on the right page.



Whichever reason brought you here I’d like you to feel my warmest welcome. At this point please think of me showing you to a comfortable armchair and offering a cup of your favourite hot drink. Are you comfortable? Ok, let’s get started.

Now please try to relax and keep your mind open to the ideas that you will find on these pages. Take everything you read cum grano salis (=with a pinch of salt) and find your own way to bring it home and make it yours. Your ideas and your attitude are what makes you unique: please keep it in mind!

I’m like you: a job seeker. In my career I’ve had more than 100 interviews in European countries and I’d like to share my experience with you. I’ve applied to job posts even when I was not actively looking for a job and even when I had no intention of changing jobs. In some cases I’ve done it to see if I could stand a chance and get an interview for a job that didn’t match my profile 100%. In some others I just wanted to keep up with the job market and see how I could be valued for my current experience. I consider all the interviews that I’ve had as training with some good lessons learnt.

In the last few years I’ve helped friends and colleagues who were looking for a new job and every time someone asked me for help I found myself musing on the idea of writing a book about my experience. In the digital era that book turned out to be a blog: who would have thought?

I personally think that there’s no specific right way to search for a job: any trick to get you to have a conversation with the hiring manager will do (more on this here: How to search for your next job). Once you get there you have to be yourself and show the recruiter or the hiring manager who you truly are. Only then they can decide if you are the right candidate for the job. And only then you can ask the right questions to understand if you really want to work for that company. Remember: the HR Manager, the recruiter, the head hunter or the hiring manager are there to ask you questions and understand if you’re the right candidate for the job but it’s not a one way conversation: you need to interview them as well (more on this here: How to interview your interviewer).

So stay tuned. I’ll see you soon with another cup of coffee or tea! 🙂


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