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My name is Francesca Rossin, 100% Italian, born and raised in a little town very close to Milan where, despite the proximity of a major European city, the mentality is still pretty conservative. My belief is that only fools never change their minds and because of this reason I like challenging the status quo, whether it's related to lifestyle or career choices. During my working life I've had more than 100 interviews in different European countries and I'd like to share my job seeker experience with you.
Welcome to JobSeeker 2 JobSeeker! ?>

Welcome to JobSeeker 2 JobSeeker!

Hey, welcome to JobSeeker 2 JobSeeker! There might be a few reasons why you’re here and I’d like to guess them. You’re looking for a job and you would like some tips You’re actively looking for a job and you haven’t had much luck so far You’re not actively looking for a job but recently you’ve been thinking about a career change You’re scared about the idea of going back out there after all these years in the same company…

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Where do you want to go? ?>

Where do you want to go?

  This is probably the most important question that you need to answer to yourself: where do you want to go? Dream big! Your study background and your recent experiences do not necessarily define your future career. I’m not suggesting that you should throw all your effort to the wind! If you’re reading this it might mean that you need a change, so why sticking to the career choices that you made years ago when you started your university studies…

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